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This is actually a 5 star book by and metric.  There is a ton of information. They present a lot of very useful information especially if you are thinking about getting into the business.  A better title would be how to start your due diligence if you are interested in opening a Cannabis Business rather than “Start Your Own Cannabis Business: Your Step-By-Step Guide to the Marijuana Industry (Startup).” I agree it’s good if your getting ready to start up a business.  I just question that it’s a guide.  It’s a good reference.  A very good reference.

The most useful aspect is the case studies.  They talk about a bunch of business that are killing it and examine what they are doing right.  This is very useful if you are looking for ideas.  They point out that becoming a dispensary or a grower is probably not the best path to riches.  Like all gold rushes of the past.  The real gold is selling the shovels.  I think if you read this book you will come up with some great ideas of what kind of shovels you might want to sell.

The talk about the banking issues of being in the business.  They also talk about some solid business concepts that apply to starting any business.  The big take away is that particularly in this industry you need to have a great attorney or team of attorneys and a CPA that can help you navigate through the IRS regulations that are very different for this industry.  The book even gives you some good ideas on a strategy on how to set that up and get started.

You can purchase this book from Amazon.

Pro: There is a ton of very useful information

Cons: This is not a step by step model of how to start or run a Cannabis business.

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